h2. Welcome to AFTERWORLD.  

Afterworld is a dark fantasy setting that suffers in the darkness left in the wake of the death of the gods and the cataclysm that followed as their heavenly realm of Elanehtar crashed into the world. The Afterworld has become a desperate place in the 42 years since the fall and the average person has little hope of bettering their lot in life and is actually more likely to end up a slave or dead at the hands of the morally bankrupt that hold most of the power in these dark times.

  1. Overview of Afterworld 
  2. Afterworld Setting

    1. The Nightland
    2. The Ruinscape
    3. The Verge
    4. Nod
    5. Soulrest
    6. Organizations
  3. Creating Characters

    1. Type
    2. Descriptor and Focus