Welcome to Afterworld

Gods once watched over the world. Deities of Rain, of Fortune, of War, of Travel, of Tricks, and of Death all resided in their celestial realm called Elanehtar. Humans, as well as other creatures like tarans and sleen, revered (or feared) the gods according to their needs and circumstances. A select few could even channel divine power to work miracles. <div style="text-indent:20px;"> Then Elanehtar foundered. Burning and crumbling, it dropped out of the sky and smashed into the world like a vengeful falling star. Elanehtar shattered into hundreds of millions of shards known today as cyphers. The mortal kingdom of Cavazel was utterly annihilated in the catastrophe. Other nations and regions survived, but all trembled and shook. Nothing was ever
the same again. The gods were dead. And so the world gained a new appellation: the Afterworld. </div>

The gods, everyone knows, are gone for good. All the pantheons of Elanehtar perished. Zenia, Balakar, Thordin, Aren Verecocho, Mudarak, Avi, even malefic Samiel, and all the other greater gods, lesser gods, and their many avatars died when Elanehtar disintegrated.

Grim times descended in the Afterworld. Forty-two years have elapsed since prayers failed and the heavens fell. If any gods remain, why didn’t they announce themselves before now? Doing so might have saved many lives in the purges brought on by recrimination and sorrow, war mongering, revenge, and the outright madness that swept the Afterworld for decades. Two generations have grown up in the Afterworld never knowing the divine. They scarcely believe it when their elders describe the existence of gods, and many who were alive before the Fall have purposefully forgotten.

Those who yet recall the old at times whisper of the Seven Prophesies and a pitiful hope that their time will come. But not too loudly, lest they be tracked down and slain by Reconciliators;
agents charged with eliminating divine influences in the Afterworld


The gods once took an active interest in the welfare of their worshippers both in this life and the next. People didn’t react well when this moral universe shattered. The Fall also brought with it a literal darkness, as it ushered in the arrival of an eternal eclipse in the form of Nod, an intruder moon. But a psychic darkness grew in the wars, riots, and rampages that followed, a darkness that persists to this day.
Life is cheap in the Afterworld. An
insidious ethos took root, especially
in a region called the Nightland. Many
there think nothing of fnancially ruining,
kidnapping, torturing, enslaving, crippling,
or killing someone of lesser means as an

Welcome to Afterworld

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